Why Tony Odisho Extensions?

Celebrity stylist and Intercoiffure member Tony Odisho developed an extensions & haircare line that was ethical, cruelty-free, and put quality first.
Tony Odisho Extensions are created using 100% ethically sourced, virgin Indian temple hair.  We use only 100% Remy System hair, meaning the cuticles remain in tact and all face southward, just like our natural hair.  By keeping the cuticles in tact and facing the same direction, our extensions will not become matted, tangled, or frizzy.  Our Remy System hair is never coated with silicones to add shine, as our extensions are naturally lustrous thanks to our gentle cleansing and coloring process.

What makes Tony Odisho Extensions different?

What can extensions do for me?

 Create fullness

Fix a bad haircut