Tony Odisho Fusion Extensions

From premium natural hair extensions to a full line of products to preserve their beauty, Tony Odisho Extensions offers everything you need to have the hair you have always dreamed of.

Tony Odisho Extensions are first ethically sourced from Indian temples and bundled before cutting to ensure the hair remains remy, with all the cuticles 'facing south'. The hair is then shipped to Italy for cleansing, pigmentation and bonding. Each bundle is gently soaked in a cashmere- like solution before it is pigmented twice to prevent fading, and keratin protein is applied at the tip for bonding.

Our patented keratin protein bond contains the same fifteen amino acids that make up our natural hair, providing for healthy hair and comfortable wear.

Tony Odisho Extensions keratin fusion extensions are applied strand by strand by a certified extensions expert for a natural look and seamless finish, so the hair can be worn up or down comfortably.  With proper installation and maintenance, our keratin fusion extensions will last 4-6 months.

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